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FilePanther allows you to access all files on a website without using a web browser.

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By using FilePanther you can access all files at a glance. Simply enter the URL to the website you want to scan and everything else the software does.

How does FilePanther work?

The destination website is scanned by an algorithm. This may lead to a long duration if the website contains hundrets or thousands of sub pages. One trick is to scan the website by using "priorities".

Sub links, which contain certain keywords like "doc" or "download" are scanned first. In the application you can configure out the priorities as you want.

Links to sub pages are scanned by using priorities.

Scanning a website using priorities leads to faster download results but does not accelerate the scan process.

Because of that, FilePanther works with cachefiles:

Everytime a website was scanned completely or just partially a local cachefile is created, which contains the existing downloads on the website.

If a website was scanned completely by any user, the cachefile is automatically transferred into the cachepool on this website "". Now, if another user scans a website, FilePanther first of all looks in the cachepool for a fitting cachefile, downloads it and presents the file list to the user in a few seconds.

The more people use FilePanther, the higher is the chance, that a cachefile already exists. Cachefiles are very small, so the duration from starting the scan until watching the full file list just lasts a few seconds.

FilePanther provides the following features:

  • Complete scan of a website on files to download
  • Saving download URL's and download information into cachefiles
  • Automatically cachefile download
  • Automatically cachefile upload
  • Integrated download manager
  • Multilanguage support
  • File search over all found files
  • Configuration: Cachefiles, Priorities, URL pattern Ingnore-List
  • Logging all the background activities in an event log

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